A Alfa no C'Azedu

The Alfa in C’Azedu

The Alfa in C’Azedu Wild At Heart, which took place between the 5th and 7th of November 2021, at Alfândega do Porto, included tastings, lectures, conferences and workshops.

At C’Azedu Wild At Heart, Ciders had a prominent place! This event can be classified as “the first major manifestation in Portugal of the culture of fermentations”.

C’Azedu Wild At Heart was a festival focused on spontaneous beers and natural wines. However, he did not leave out other fermentations such as cider or kombucha.

Names like: Expontânea Beers; lambics; Wild Ales; Fruit Ales; Grape Ales; Barrel Aging; were common by Customs. But there was a lot to discover, even bread, cheese and other dairy products where fermentation is noticeable.

At C’Azedu there were dozens of producers, national and foreign, who showed, and gave to prove, what they do best.

At the same time, the sharing of knowledge among its participants was another important point of this event.

On the last day, November 7th, there was a brunch at the World of Wine, between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm, exclusively for guests.

The  Alfa in C’Azedu participated in this event with its cider and cider sparkling wine. This one however, received two silver medals, one in Gijón, Asturias, and another in the Sagardo Forum, in the Basque Country.

A very enriching experience of knowledge and sharing. Let’s hope for the year to be in its edition.


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