Social concern in the ALFA team.

Social concern in the ALFA team

Social concern in the ALFA team

The social concern of the Alfa team, in cooperation with the nursing home team at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Carrazeda de Ansiães, provided the users who are there with a different morning than usual.

Alfa is a company concerned with social and environmental welfare. This concern of ours extends to the way we deal with our seniors.

Alfa has been involved in social projects to support the elderly. Our involvement is both in apple picking and in other events, namely musical ones.

 In addition to being a physical activity that helps maintain health, it also provides an opportunity for seniors to socialized .

In this way, the users of this institution were able to remember the times when they themselves worked and did their own harvesting.

Thus, the elderly walked throughout the morning in José Reixelo’s orchards. They enjoyed being in contact with the apple trees, the apples, the earth and even the smell of the field, and picking apples..

In addition to the products picked up by visitors, even more were offered to the institution for consumption.

This morning was yet another opportunity for Alfa to engage with the local community and build positive relationships with seniors.

We hope you enjoyed and enjoyed this morning as much as we did.

Alfa’s social concern does not end with this event, others have seen it and we will be present.

See you soon.





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