Alfa in Sidrama the 1st Orchard Cider and Drink Festival, took place over the weekend of 26-28 August. Thus, in Ponte de Lima.

Organised by Ponte de Lima Town Council, this is a cider and orchard drinks festival.

It is the first Portuguese municipality to join Ciderlands, the International Network of Cider Tourist Destinations and Areas.

Ponte de Lima, in partnership with OG&Associados, the promoter of the Sidrama festival, concluded in Norway its adhesion to that network.

“A huge step for the territory and for Portugal in the international promotion, development of the values of the rural world and specifically of Cider, the apple and its projects and potential aggregate resources, R&D and knowledge”, considers the promoter.

The event is unique and will position this secular town in a network of international interest of cities, towns and territories of the production of this millenary drink.

Consumption of this product has grown systematically over the past few years. Ponte de Lima has strong growth potential in this drinks category.

It was a festival where the apple drink, cider, was the star.

A real crowd flocked to the event where the variety was vast.

There were over 100 ciders from various parts of the world on offer.

In addition to national creations from regions such as Vale de Cambra, Carrazeda de Ansiães, Castelo Branco, Bombarral and Vila Real. There were also many international options that arrived from Italy, Finland, Sweden, among others.

Alfa was present and the feedback from people to our cider was very positive, which gives us encouragement and redoubled energy to continue producing and promoting Alfa.

This festival just came to show that the national artisan ciders already have the capacity to assert themselves with the general public.

Positive experience to be repeated next year.

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