Eventos em que participamos em 2022

Alfa at the events in 2022

Alfa at the events in 2022

In partnership with Post Scriptum

In early 2022, Alfa Cider in partnership with the brewer of Post Scriptum, participated in the following events: Aveiro Beer Fest, at the WOW Craft Festival and at the Hopen in Braga.

Aveiro Beer Fest,

The event took place in a very beautiful city, with a very interesting participation from the population.

On the opening day, the participants were offered a moliceiro trip along the ria, which was very pleasant and interesting.

These events were very rewarding. The public came to this event and exceeded our expectations.

WOW Festival Craft

The event took place from 19 to 22 May at the WOW, in Gaia.

After covid and with the opening up to these events, the public had a massive buy-in.

An event with impeccable organisation, and very rewarding.


At the beginning of June, the event organised by Letra beer, the HOPEN BRAGA BEER FESTIVAL, took place.

The festival took place on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of June, in the Garden of Campo das Hortas (near the Porta Nova Arch), in Braga.

It was an event with many brewers and music. Very well attended by the public and good feedback for our Alfa.

Events in which Alfa was without partners


After two years of pandemic, Dona Maria Beer Fest returned to Famalicão. Located in the Praça da Cidadania, at the entrance of the Devesa Park.

We were at this event, there was a lot of heat, street food, music and a lot of people, quite interesting.

Alfa, in July 2022, at the Dona Maria Beer Fest event


This festival dedicated to craft beer and cider was promoted by the municipality of Sertã, between the 1st and 3rd of September,

A very interesting event that apart from brewers and cideries, featured music and street food.

An event with great potential to become a major event in the future.

Alfa, in September 2022, at the Provart event in Sertã

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