Nature creates apples, we just squeezes them...
When fermentation has reached perfection, we bottle it for you.

the beginning

Cider is an old drink, obtained from the fermentation of sugars naturally present in apple juice.

It ́s well known and consumed in france, spain, and northern european countries.

Our new artisanal ciders and juices form a brand that is born of the synergy between two entrepreneurs with family roots in carrazeda de ansiães.

Alfa artisanal cider is a drink obtained through alcoholic fermentation that transforms fructose from apple juice into alcohol.

No addition of water, sugars, dyes or colourings no extra aromatic compounds.
The new alfa artisanal cider is produced with first rate apples and it has a novel flavour.

A great proportion of apples, not possessing ideal dimensions for the fruit market, are wasted as a result. Thus, we sought alternatives for this under-rated product.

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Sidra Alfa



Ours is a dry cider, because we allow all the natural sugars of the fruit to ferment.
It ́s so pure, we have no need to add anything else.

It ‘s best enjoyed at around 5ºc.
Our cider comes in 0,33l bottle and 20l barrel

Sidra Alfa

sparkling cider


Sparkling cider is made from cider.
Our sparkling is made exclusivity from apple juice.
Follow me, I know how to produce good quality sparkling cider from 100% apple.

Comes in a 0,75 l bottle.
Maintain around 5ºc
Drink in a tall, narrow glass.

Sidra Alfa


20 L

100 % apple.

Recommended for restaurants, bars, events, parties, weddings, etc…

Barrel with bag, to keep all the characteristics of our cider until the end.

Barrel polykeg – head “A”.